Welcome to Pilot Fitness!

We specialize in improved health and wellness for traveling professionals.  We are here to share with you what we have learned over almost a decade of testing, refining and re-testing.

We have:

Easy to follow meal plans for your trips that provide maximum nutrients and travel without spoiling.

  • No-cook, pre-packaged food options you can mix and match for any trip.
  • No-cook, home-made meals you can prep in just 15 minutes - Great for up to 4 day trips!
  • The food lovers guide to packing for any trip.
  • Snacks that power you through without plumping you up!


Pilot fitness specializes in exercise/fitness regimens that meet the demands of an ever-changing, hectic schedule to promote optimal health.

Get workouts from a Certified Personal Trainer with a Degree in Health and Exercise Science.  Discover how to relieve your aching back and correct muscle imbalances inherent to the life of the traveling professional.  We even provide exercises you can do during extended periods of sitting!

We are the #1 Resource for traveling professionals to improve health and wellness. Follow our whole foods approach to increase your energy, train harder, recover faster, sleep better, maintain your optimal weight, and reduce your risk of chronic disease.

Building on our Core Values we have provided an e-course to create a solid foundation and lasting change.

Pilot Fitness Fundamentals

The blueprint for becoming the best version of yourself.

Make the traveling lifestyle work for you, not against you!


Proven effective by flight crews to work for any traveling pro.  Learn our process of habit development that enables you to make big changes with minimal effort.  We will guide you through the steps in choosing the right habits to help you reach your health goals.

Our calculated and precise approach will produce the individualized outcome of this e-course, tailored specifically to you.

Our structured and interactive lessons are reinforced through homework and the social support via our community form and private Facebook page.