Week 30 Challenge: Plan your week

This week we challenge you to plan your workouts for the week.  It is easy to say “I want to workout 3 times this week” but without a specific plan that general statement easily gets lost in the shuffle.  So, we challenge you to sit down today and pencil in your weekly workouts as you would any other important meeting or event.  If it helps get even more specific.  For example this is what our weekly plan looks like:






Surf is my number one priority right now, however, weather and surf conditions do not always allow that to happen, especially in the winter months.  So, I have a backup plan on what I will do instead or in addition to:  Generally I try to fit in  weights 2-3 times a week, cardio 2-5 times a week and plan on surfing every day (even though that is very unlikely to happen).

Monday: Surf and 6 mile run with dogs & Josh.

Tuesday: Surf or run – (I only have a small window to fit one of the two in today).

Wednesday: Teach HIIT/Weights/Core Class at night (surf earlier in the afternoon, conditions permitting).

Thursday: Active Rest: hike/walk with dogs (or surf weather permitting).

Friday: Surf, run &/or yoga (conditions/weather permitting).

Saturday: Full body weights/Core in the morning.  Surf in the afternoon after work (conditions permitting).

Sunday: Active Rest: hike/walk with dogs (Surf conditions permitting).

I work in the mornings and evenings.  This leaves the middle of my day open to fit in exercise.



Surfing is top priority for Josh as well.  He has been doing stand ups but is going in for recurrent this Tuesday and returns Friday.  Based on his schedule this week, here is his plan:

Monday: Surf and 6 mile run with dogs & Lauren

Tuesday: Morning run with dogs before reporting to airport for recurrent.  Evening – 30 minute stretch in hotel room

Wednesday: Morning core & legs in hotel room.  Evening yoga in hotel room from yogadownloads.com

Thursday: Morning core and legs in hotel room

Friday: Rest/returning home from recurrent

Saturday: Surf and run with dogs (weather permitting)

Sunday: Surf and run with dogs (weather permitting) and a bike ride if time permits.


*Image by Iosphere

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