Week 29 Challenge: Kitchen Library

It’s time to start the new year by taking control of your health and forming new habits of cooking at home.  Making your own meals puts you in the driver’s seat with control over what goes and more importantly, what stays out.  Cooking at home is also a great way to save money on dinning out while providing great tasting left overs for the next day.

So you don’t get tired of eating the same old sandwich, it’s time to find some new sources of inspiration that balance flavor and health.  Here are our favorite plant based recipe books that should be a part of every kitchen.  This will help you expand your palette and improve your kitchen skills and keep you excited to try new, healthy options!

Start small and pick one of the books in our Amazon store under cookbooks on the left hand column (We also have reviews to go with most of the books).  Most of these books have social media pages as well.  By following the social media pages, you will get freebies that aren’t included in the books and other updates.  Additionally, some of these sources are expanding to downloadable apps that will put the cookbook on your smartphone to always have on hand when you are at the grocery store thinking, “what do I want to make for dinner tonight?”

Our top pics (from our amazon store on online):

Forks Over Knives, The Cookbook

This is one of our personal favorites because it combines great tasting dishes that are all oil free (especially helpful for those looking to lose weight or with heart disease) and easy to make with recognizable ingredients that won’t break the bank.  They now have a downloadable app that is completely worth $5.

Oh She Glows Cookbook

We had some recipes from this cookbook over the holidays in Hawaii.  They were delicious!  The ingredients were basic (you will not have to run from one specialty store to anther hunting down ingredients) and healthy and each dish was extremely flavorful.  Everyone in the family was happy and satisfied even those who do not follow a plant based diet.

The Millennium Cookbook and The Artful Vegan

Both of these cookbooks are from our favorite restaurant in SF, Millennium.  In these cookbooks, you will find the best balance of decadent food that is amazingly healthy.  They use oil very sparingly and even provide oil free options for some of the recipes.  The recipes are a bit more involved and take some pre planning which makes them a great reason to invite some guests over and show off your cooking skills!

Healthy Happy Life

This is a great blog and internet resource.  Lots of creative options to choose from and the recipes stick mainly with whole foods for optimal health.  She has a smoothie book as well called 365 Vegan Smoothies. Click here to visit her website.


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