Week 28 Challenge..Happy New Year!

Hi all and Happy New Year!  It is the first full week of 2015 and we are here with a new challenge!  I am sure some of you set resolution goals, some of you did not and some might still be pondering what to do.  So this week we challenge you to join us in the Minimalist Game.  What this entails is getting rid of one thing on day one, two things on day two, three things on day three and so on until the month is over.  It is 5 day after the first of the month so you can catch up or do this week by week if the whole month seems overwhelming in that you get rid of one thing day one, two things day two, three things day three and so on and end at 7.  You can then start back over the next week.  This is a great way to clean out the closet, bathroom, office, garage or anything else as it makes you look at possessions in a different light.  Instead of just organizing or reorganize your belongings, you might actually lighten the load.

It seemed a little too difficult for me to control myself and just get rid of one thing alone on day one so on a piece of paper I wrote the numbers 1-31 in a column.  However much I get rid of on said day I check the box next to that number and throw it into a giveaway bag or trash bag.  On day one I already got rid of 30 things in the bathroom alone.  Now, I don’t know about you but I love having the challenge because once I get started with things like this, my tendency is to cull every room in the house and having a number to aspire to really helps me be brutally honest with myself on why I am keeping something around.

Keep in mind, these do not have to be huge items and you can even take this as an opportunity to clean out your cupboards and get rid of old food or unhealthy foods you no longer want in the house as temptation.

We hope you enjoy the challenge as much as we have thus far and embrace the beginning of a new year!


Image by Luigi diamanti

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