Week 22 Challenge: Spice It Up

This wee we challenge you to add some spice into your life.  Did you know that you can significantly raise your antioxidant intake slimply by sprinkling on herbs and spices?  This short Dr. Gregor Video is a must see: [button style=”btn-success” url=”http://nutritionfacts.org/video/antioxidants-in-a-pinch/” size=”” block=”false” target=”_self”] Antioxidants in a Pinch [/button]

Whenever you order or make a meal this week, challenge yourself to see what you can add in terms of spices and herbs to make it a little tastier and a lot healthier!




Some ideas:


– Add 1/2 tsp. cinnamon and a pinch of clove and cardamom to your shake, cereal or oatmeal.

– Make one of our granola recipes (cinnamon in the recipe).  Feel free to experiment with other spices too

– Try our Vanilla Chia Pudding with cinnamon.  Add clove for an extra hit of antioxidants!

– Add cilantro, parsley, basil or any other herb you like to a Morning Burrito or Tofu Veggie Scramble.  This recipe includes cumin and turmeric which has been shown to substantially help with the prevention of or associated with lower rates of cancer, inflammation, DNA damage, Alzheimer’s and has even been shown to be as effective at treating rheumatoid arthritis as drugs!

– Have a lemonbalm tea.  Get some at your local grocer or tea store in bulk.



– Add basil to your sandwich

– Sprinkle mint or cumin over your salad or add to a curry dish

– Sprinkle cilantro over beans and rice with a little salsa and avocado

– Add fresh herbs to your afternoon soup.



– Add cinnamon and clove to a baked sweet potato

– Have veggie sticks with salsa (with added cilantro), avocado (with added cilantro) and hummus made with cumin.

– Sprinkle cinnamon over a date filled with almond butter.

– Add parsley, ginger and/or turmeric to your green juice for added spice and antioxidant content.

– Sprinkle cinnamon over whole wheat toast with almond butter and banana.


Dinner (including ideas from lunch)

– Add cumin, turmeric, ginger and curry to a stir fry or lentil dahl.

– Make our light dressing with apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard, garlic, lemon (optional), ginger and add 1/8 tsp cayenne.  Drizzle over baked veggies or salads.

– In any baked, grilled or stir fried meal you make experiment with different herbs to garnish.  Play around with different spices to add to vegetable marinades etc.

– Add fresh ground ginger and Turmeric to almost any dish for a little spice and flavor.


image by artur84

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