Week 21 Challenge!

So, you got last week off and hope you had a Happy Halloween, and now it is time to get back into it.  This week we challenge you to do pushups every day!  Pushups are classic exercise that builds strength throughout the entire body.  From the obvious pecs to your core,  shoulders and even the legs, this is one of Josh’s favorites.  It is great as a stand alone but also allows for endless modifications to make it easier or more difficult.  Since we are alternating strength with diet each week, you will have the next two weeks to incorporate this into your routine to build a foundation, work on proper forum and increase strength for more advanced compound movements to come.

Start at 10 pushups and increase by 5 every day.  That means at the end of the week you will be doing 40 pushups.

Proper Pushup forum:

– Start in a plank position, with your hands under but slightly wider than your shoulders and your feet close to each other.

– Keeping your body in one line (not letting the hips sag or hips pitch up) lower your body, until your chest nearly touches the floor.

– Lower your body until your upper arms are at about a 45 degree angle, making sure to look in front of you about 6 inches.

– Once you reach the bottom push back to the starting position.  Make sure to keep your core tight at all times.

– If you at any point notice your forum start to go, stop and consider that your last repetition (or modify to make the exercise easier).


Modifications to make it easier:

1. Drop to your knees, continuing to stay in a kneeled plank position, look in front of you and keep your core tight

2. You can also perform the push up on a sturdy inclined surface such as a bench, chair, bed or table

3. Finally, if none of those are comfortable, place your hands on a wall and step pack a few feet.  Come up onto your toes as you lower your upper body toward the wall.


Modifications to make it more difficult: Start at 25 pushups and increase by 10 per day

1. Elevate your feet

2. bring one knee to your elbow as you lower into your push up.  Alternate sides.


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