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The Diet Health Connection

The roll diet plays in one’s health is an oddly overlooked connection.  Food is one of  the major essentials to sustain life, aside from water and air. FOOD; it provides us with nutrients so our body can carry out necessary bodily functions. Without food, our body would not be able to complete its many daily […]

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Antioxidant Bio Scanning … What?

Bio-WHAT?  Yep.  That’s what I thought too.  When Lauren first told me about this, I thought it was a complete scam (not scan).  So after some attempted brainwashing and convincing with a little help of a Dr. Oz clip, we were in the car and on the way to our first antioxidant scan test. What […]

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The Whole Bloody Truth!

Here it is, our release of records!  We believe in full transparency and want you to be informed as much as possible!  When we first started our plant based adventure, there was much less information available than there is now.  In just the past couple years, we have seen a rapid growth in information on […]

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