Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is an event many look forward to, not only in anticipation for the game, but also because of the many traditions that go along with it; Namely the food, friends and commercials.  So, no matter where you happen to be catching the big game from this year, one thing is for sure….Healthy alternatives to your favorite fare is easy, quick and so tasty, no one will miss or even know you are trading out the traditional heavy Super Bowl food with healthy alternatives!

However, first things first, start your day off right and get a workout in as we all know it is not going to be on the agenda after the game.  Working out revs your metabolism, increases circulation and releases endorphins.  Furthermore, study’s suggest morning exercise not only improves your mood but also your sense of well being, leading to increased motivation to eat healthier throughout the day.


For those of you after our own hearts that want to go the make it yourself route, we have some delicious options that will have the complements flying!

1. Pepper Poppers



















2. Sweet potato fries



















2. Chili Sweet potato chips



















3. Nacho’s



















4. Veggies and dip.  Slice veggies such as carrots, peppers, celery, cucumber, broccoli, jicama, snap peas etc.

Homemade Chips


















– Guacamole – Purchase at the store or Mash tomato, onion and avocado in a bowl or mortar and pestle.  Add salt to taste, juice from one lime and cilantro.



























5. Pizza

Ezekiel Roasted Pizza

Lavash Pizza Bake

Mini Pizza Crisp



















6.  Veggie Burgers




















If you are away this Super Bowl or just don’t feel like cooking everything yourself, don’t despair.  There are options to not only keep you on the right track with your health goals but also to keep your nutrition intake in tip top shape.  Now who can say no to that!

1. Pizza.  that’s right you heard us.  Now, we do not recommend this all the time, however, if you order a Veggie loaded pizza without cheese you will be sitting pretty.  You save hundreds of calories, cholesterol and saturated fat by leaving the cheese off and none of the flavor.  Give it a try!  You will not miss a thing!

2. Pre-cut veggies and dip.  Now choose your dip wisely here.  Skip the blue cheese and ranch in favor of some healthy,  nutrient dense spreads such as salsa (fresh if possible), guacamole and hummus.  All of these choices are delicious with veggies and the guacamole and hummus offer a great creamy satisfying texture.  We always try to choose hummus without oil if possible; one of our favorite brands is Haig’s.

3. Hankering for some crackers to dip?  Give Mary’s Gone Crackers a try!  Our favorite are the Super Seed and Black Pepper.  Dip into the same dips as the veggies!

4. Another all time classic dip is bean dip.  It can be awfully hard to find soft dips that have healthy ingredients so this Super Bowl we suggest bean dips that have the whole bean, corn, chopped veggies, avocado etc.  This way you are getting a whole lot of flavor without all the calorie laden creams and cheeses!

3.  If you are going out to eat, order a salad first and soup for dinner.  For the salad use salsa, balsamic vinegar or lemon as the dressing.  If you just cannot go without the dressing, order it on the side and dip your fork in before you load the fork. Use sparingly.  This will save you lots of unwanted, nutrient deficient calories.  By sticking with a broth based soup, preferably packed with veggies and beans you will be fueling your body with nutrients to cheer your team on well into the night, minus the crash/food coma your friends most likely will encounter!

4. Spicy chicken wings can be substituted for beans and rice.  You get a protein packed meal, like the wings and can make it as spicy as you want.  Not only will the beans and rice fill you up and build lean muscle you will skip out on all the negative side effects of chicken wings .  So save your ticker this season and place you bet on the beans and rice!

5. Even if something is not on the menu such as veggie sticks, steamed vegetables etc. ask anyway.  Order sides such as a side of beans and side of rice or order a few appetizers for the table to keep portion size in check.

6. Another great way to take ownership of you health is by looking up the nutrition information ahead of time or ask the restaurant if they have a copy of the nutrition stats.  Some items may shock you and this will no doubt bring more awareness to the choices you are making and why.  The information provided from these lists are simply macro nutrition such as fat, protein and carbohydrates.  This is a good starting point as you begin to improve your health as you want to keep your calories, fat and sodium in check and look to increase fiber.

Aim for dishes that have:

High fiber – 5-10 grams at least

Low calories – 200-400

Low in fat under 10 grams

No saturated fat

Low in sodium – less than 1,000.  500 or less is preferable but not always possible.

Lastly, mindful eating can be difficult in social situations like this, when there are a lot of distractions. It is easy to loose track of how much you are eating when nibbling from different plates especially since there is so much finger food.  However, by putting everything on one plate in front of you, visually you can keep track of your intake.  This can lead to hundreds of less calories consumed.  If you are still hungry then go back for seconds but also remember it takes about 20 minutes for you body to register that it is full.

We hope you found this helpful and enjoy the game!

Super Bowl

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