Strong Bags Vortex 2 Flight Crew Luggage Roller










  • Lifetime Warranty on frame!  3 year warranty on fabric
  • Made from aluminum metal frame panels
  • Lighter than the metal Luggage Works Stealth Roller Bag
  • In line skate wheels that are durable with smooth, sealed bearings that are housed in a durable plastic mount (not encased in metal)
  • Fabric is a more durable ballistic Cordura nylon and waterproof
  • The outer fabric is removable, washable, and replaceable; no other bag does this
  • Protective metal exterior corners to protect against wear spots
  • Metal telescoping handle sits at a comfortable height  of 43.5” avoiding the need to bend over when pulling it and can handle heavy loads placed on it without bending or breaking
  • Wide wheel base stabilizes heavy loads and balances with ease for long terminal changes, even while running to catch that commute home
  • Luggage J-clip is sewn to the bag, so it will never become lost
  • Large computer compartment fits laptops up to 17”
  • No metal bottom to bang up your shins when lifting or carrying it
  • More affordable price point for type of roller bag
  • Fits 737-300/500 flight deck
  • 22.75”H x 14”W x 7”D
  • 12 pounds
  • $229.99


  • Not really a con for the bag design, but a necessary downside to the 737.  The side pockets to store shoes for running/working out are removed, which means they have to share the main compartment with your clothes; odor issues and taking up valuable space (however, this does allow it to fit in the 737-300/500 flight deck)
  • Slightly less durable wheel wells are housed in plastic as opposed to a singular, solid metal mount (however it is backed by a lifetime warranty)
  • Computer pocket is not padded, but there is a padded sleeve sold separately (not a big deal as most of us will never leave our laptop in the bag if it is checked as cargo anyway.

Our Thoughts:

Strong Bags has produced a great 737 bag to compete with Luggage Works Stealth 737 roller bag and has many options that we like.  The frame is backed by a lifetime warranty!  The exterior fabric is removable and washable which is a great feature (I have seen the lavatory system flood the cargo compartment and it wasn’t pretty if your bag was in the back). The exterior fabric is also more durable and when you need it replaced, they ship you the fabric and you can replace it yourself.  This is a great option to avoid shipping the entire bag back to the manufacturer to be replaced leaving you without a roller bag in the mean time.  The metal frame is durable and several pounds lighter compared to the Luggage Works Stealth roller bag.

This model is specifically designed for the flight deck of the older 737’s.  If this is your aircraft, then this bag is a perfect fit.   Strong Bags had to remove the side shoe pockets for this to fit in the flight deck.  Unfortunately this can be a major downside to carrying your gym shoes with you on your trips and getting your exercise in.  You will need to carry your shoes inside the bag (if there is space) or in a separate duffel bag.  Not the end of the world, but a consideration if you are not up front on the older 737’s and still want this bag for the extra height compared to the Strong Bags Mini V 19” Flight Crew Roller.

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