Homemade Almond Milk, Quick, Easy, & Cheap!

Making almond milk at home is nothing new, so we aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel here.  We decided to throw this video up to show just how quick and easy it is.  Seeing is believing!  It only takes a few minutes out of your morning and you will have fresh almond milk before your coffee is ready.

It tastes great and is cheaper than purchasing it in the carton all while producing less waste.  There are no preservatives or binders, or refined sweeteners.  We have a few options for you to change the flavor or sweeten it up naturally using whole foods.  Save the almond pulp, and if you have a food dehydrator, dry it for 5-6 hours @ 115 degrees.  Then process in the blender and you have your own almond flour/meal for free to use in your favorite baking recipes for cookies, pancakes and more!

The dairy industry would like you to believe that there is this plethora of crazy chemicals that go into making nut milks.  As you will see after watching the video, it simply isn’t true … just almonds and water.  Nut milk also has no antibiotic residues or growth hormones.  There is no cholesterol in almond milk either.  One of the amino acids in dairy, casein, has been termed “the most carcinogenic substance” by Dr. T. Collin Campbell through his research as outlined in his book, the “China Study.”  The animal proteins also contain endotoxins, a dead meat bacteria outlined by Dr. Gregor which stresses arteries and raise blood pressure for hours.  And societies consuming the greatest amounts of dairy also have the highest rates of osteoporosis due to the acidic effects of animal proteins leaching calcium from the bones.  Oh, and one last thing, nut milks have no “puss” as found in dairy (yes, there is an acceptable level of puss in dairy usually measuring one drop per glass).  So giving almond milk a try might not be a bad idea, I will drink to that!