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Do you sit for a living?
do you sit for a living? We all know sitting too much and not moving enough deteriorates our health.  Did[...]
15 Healthy, Quick & Portable Snacks That Should Be In Your Cooler!
One of the biggest obstacles people face these days is time.  On our survey most people indicated not having enough[...]
5 Things You Should Be Doing When Returning Home From Travel
After traveling through airports and hotels for 4 or 5 days, there is nothing better than coming home.  Sleeping in[...]
3 Steps To A Healthier You By The End Of The Day!
1. MoveRight now.  Really!  Fidget by bouncing your leg, extending your legs and flexing your quads or standing up to[...]
Is healthy eating a luxury?
This is sort of a hot button topic and one that I hope sparks some conversation. I hear all too[...]
Do You Make These Health Mistakes On Your Trips?
1.  Relying On Airport Food/Dinning Out For Every Meal  By nixing the food cooler on your trips healthy food choices[...]
4 ways to “wake up” without caffein!
        1. Light ExerciseStart the day with some light exercise, even if it is just for a few minutes.Performing light strength[...]
Three reason’s weight loss efforts fail!
When it comes to weight loss or the goal of improving one’s health, good intentions are generally at the forefront.[...]
The Diet Health Connection
The roll diet plays in one’s health is an oddly overlooked connection.  Food is one of  the major essentials to[...]
Don’t feel like exercising today? Me either!
Hi Everyone, Lauren Dils here, otherwise know as "the other half" of Pilot Fitness.  Most of you know Josh from[...]
Antioxidant Bio Scanning … What?
Bio-WHAT?  Yep.  That's what I thought too.  When Lauren first told me about this, I thought it was a complete[...]
The Whole Bloody Truth!
Here it is, our release of records!  We believe in full transparency and want you to be informed as much[...]
What Does Eating Fresh Really Mean?
Eat Fresh?  What does that mean?  Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines “fresh” as “having its original qualities unimpaired” or “not stale,[...]
Should You Bring Your Breakfast?
Breakfast has been a slow progression for me.  I used to belong to the camp that was anti-breakfast.  I also[...]