Pilot Fitness Story

Pilot Fitness is operated by a husband and wife duo, Joshua and Lauren Dils.  Josh is a pilot for a regional airline, and Lauren is an NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist with a B.S. in Health and Exercise Science.  They have both completed certificates in plant-based nutrition through the T. Collin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in association with Cornell University.  Josh and Lauren are combining their expertise in health, nutrition and exercise to show you how to live a better life on the road.


Purely from an economic standpoint, Josh and Lauren decided to “trim the fat” and transition to a whole- foods, plant based diet. They noticed major improvements in their overall health with an increase in vegetable and fruit consumption: better sleep habits, less reliance on coffee and caffeine, and improved energy levels.


After a period of research and using themselves as “test subjects,” they converted to a completely whole-foods diet. To track the effectiveness of this program, they had initial blood work done, and after six months of the diet, not only did they feel better, but their follow-up blood work also showed positive results. Additionally, they were able to determine which foods provided maximum nutrients and traveled without spoilage. They also discovered which exercise/fitness regimens met ever-changing, hectic schedules and promoted optimal health.


What Josh and Lauren learned as they researched how to prepare foods for the transition to a healthier way of living can help you.  They have already done the hard work of wading through the technical jargon found on nutrition labels so that you can easily determine healthy food choices.


This is how Pilot Fitness was born!  Josh had flown with countless crews who were always looking for ways to improve their fitness and diet but didn’t know where to start.  As these crews began to notice the appetizing foods Josh had prepared at home and an obvious improvement in his overall health and fitness, they became interested in adopting some of the same lifestyle habits.


Josh and Lauren have this to say about their Pilot Fitness program: “Between the information on our website, and the courses we offer, our focus is to share with you all the nutritional tricks and tips we have picked up over the years which have been tested and proven effective.”


The Pilot Fitness website and blog also will provide information and advice for your exercise program, whether you like to run, bike, swim, surf, ski, snowboard, climb, or just take the dogs out for a walk.


The Pilot Fitness program includes no pills, no starvation plans or juice cleanses, no insane workouts — just healthy eating and exercise broken down into easy manageable steps.