Luggage Works Stealth 22″ Roller Bag


  • Made in the USA right in Aurora, MO
  • 3 year warranty
  • A metal framed rolling bag making it virtually indestructible!
  • Fits into over-head bins, even on regional jets (CRJ Series, E170 Series)
  • Available with optional padded computer front
  • Multiple pockets on the outside to help organize belongings and keep shoes separate from the main compartment.
  • The longer side shoe compartment fits running shoes with a more minimal profile, while the opposite side shoe compartment fits sandals or “Toms” style shoes
  • Durable fabric that stands up to airline abuse
  • In line skate wheels that are durable with smooth, sealed bearings that are housed as part of the metal frame that won’t collapse or deform
  • Metal telescoping handle sits at a comfortable height avoiding the need to bend over when pulling it and can handle heavy loads placed on it without bending or breaking
  • Square design maximizes internal space with metal corners on the outside to prevent wear spots
  • Wide wheel base stabilizes heavy loads and balances with ease for long terminal changes, even while running to catch that commute home
  • Side pocket design will snag trying to fit in the 737-300/500.  It can work, just not ideal
  • Luggage J-clip is sewn to the bag, so it will never become lost
  • A foam roller fits perfectly in main compartment!
  • 22”H x 14”W x 8”D
  • 15 pounds
  • $279.99 without padded computer pocket
  • $299.99 with padded computer pocket


  • The “Stealth” line is heavy due to its rugged, metal frame weighing in at 15 pounds
  • Higher up front cost, but will probably be the last bag you ever purchase, so well worth the investment.
  • That durable, metal bottom has bruised a few shins if you are not careful lifting it
  • The telescoping handle has smashed my thumb when stowing it in the bag and I actually lost the nail, but that was my own fault for not being careful when lowering the handle
  • If the fabric needs repair, it must be sent back to the manufacturer

Our Thoughts:

Prior to purchasing the Luggage Works Stealth bag, a little background from other roller bag experiences is in order.  I did not have much money as a new hire first officer.  I tried to save money purchasing cheaper luggage.  Bad move.  I went through 2 cheaper roller bags in one year, which would have been the cost of just one LuggageWorks bag.  On these cheaper models, the telescoping handle bent and deformed from carrying a food cooler, rendering it unable to stow in the bag and fit in the overhead bin.  I had the frame that houses the wheels collapse on day 1 of a 4-day trip.  I spent the entire trip carrying 3 bags instead of rolling them through the terminals for multiple aircraft swaps in the summer time, which was miserable.  The zippers on the other bag blew out mid trip and the detachable luggage clip was instantly lost.

The Luggage works is indestructible!  I had a baggage loading truck on the ramp in SFO back up and over my bag leaving the truck high centered and stuck on top of the roller bag.  The trucks’ wheels were spinning in the air and peeling out on the roller bag.  The ramp crew had to get a lift to move the truck off of my LuggageWorks roller bag.  The frame bent only slightly and the material held up and protected my belongings from the tires of the truck spinning out and smoking!  The bag was still usable for the rest of the trip.  It is really built like a tank!  Anytime I feel like complaining about the added weight, I have to remind myself that this bag will never leave me stranded like others have!

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