Luggage Works Nordic Cooler









  • Comparable to Strong Bags Canadian Ice Cooler
  • Made in the USA right in Aurora, MO
  • 3 year warranty
  • Large volume to carry food for a typical 4-day airline trip
  • Durable insulation that will keep food cold all day with an ice pack
  • Top pocket large enough for snacks or an IPad/Tablet
  • 1 side pocket holds a slim water bottle or coffee/tea tumbler
  • Front pocket to hold extras
  • Rear sleeve for carrying over telescoping luggage handle has a bottom zipper that allows it to close and become an extra open pocket, also perfect for a few magazines or a tablet
  • Durable material, modest price point
  • 13”H x 15”W x 9.5”D
  • $69.99


  • Only one of the side pockets is capable of holding a water bottle and the size is restricted to the smaller, slimmer bottle size (27oz. or less)

Our Thoughts:

This is a great bag for packing food for a full 4-day trip.  The larger insulated compartment allows the option for bringing more fresh, whole food.  The insulation will accommodate the hottest summer days and liner is very durable.  The dual purpose rear sleeve, zipper pocket is great for carrying extra items and the expandable pocket on the bottom is a plus for those who need it.

If you use the expandable pocket on the bottom, the bag becomes too big to fit under an aircraft seat when you are commuting when overhead bin space is full.  Also, when the cooler is fully loaded and heavier at the beginning of the trip, it is more difficult to access the items in the bottom expandable pouch.

There is one feature lacking that makes this bag a no go for me, and this is a personal consideration that might not affect many others.  I prefer to bring 2 bottles with me on trips and there is only one side pocket to accommodate this.  One bottle is a 40oz. Kleen Kanteen for water, which is too big for the side pockets, but the 27oz. size fits fine.  I also like to bring an insulated tea/coffee tumbler, which will not fit on the other side pocket.  So if you only bring one bottle, then this will not be an issue, as long as the bottle is a slimmer size.

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