Luggage Works Aurora Cooler









  • Comparable to E-Bags Cooler
  • Made in the USA right in Aurora, MO
  • 3 year warranty
  • 2 side pockets capable of holding a water bottle and tea coffee tumbler
  • A large top and front pocket to fit additional dry items, snacks, and utensils
  • A rear sleeve for carrying over telescoping luggage handle
  • Insulated inside, moisture resistant
  • Durable material
  • Smaller size makes it great for locals and 2 or 3-day trips
  • Affordable price point
  • $39.99


  • Liner is not completely waterproof or capable of carrying ice directly in the cooler
  • If something leaks, there is the possibility of liquids leaking out of the bottom of the bag
  • Slightly smaller volume for packing food on longer trips, still capable of hauling food for 4 days, just a little extra packing creativity is needed

Our Thoughts:

This is a great durable bag with a smaller, more manageable volume for shorter trips.  It is also a great option for the business traveler who might be eating out more for business dinners and does not need to pack as much food.  The price point is affordable and the Aurora Cooler will pay for itself in savings on your first trip!  The liner is a bit less durable and the insulation is a little less efficient.  This is something to consider if you are packing meat products during the summer months (consider extra ice packs).  If something liquid spills or an ice pack explodes, the liner is more likely to leak through the bottom.  Not a big deal, but you just can’t put ice directly in the cooler.

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