The Pilot Fitness Challenges are a place to go the extra mile and grow!  This might be a way to test the waters, or something to hold you accountable and give you that extra push.  Our main goal, as you know, is to keep flight crews fit, happy, and flying into retirement.  That base is pretty well covered in our science / FAQ page as well as using our recipes and exercises.

But why stop there?  There is a big world out there desperate for change and there are many other pressing issues that are involved with taking care of our individual self.  So here is a place to branch out and make an impact!  We aren’t asking you to volunteer your free time away.  We are offering challenges that incorporate the healthy eating and exercise you are already doing into a multi-faceted approach; easy!

For example, if you are already eating veggies and going for bike rides, why not ride your bike to the farmers market once a week and support your local organic heros?  If you are enjoying the benefits of that summer basil plant in your window sill, why not look into planting a few other plants and reducing our foot print a little more?

We have something for everyone and we will be adding to these posts regularly, so check in and see what have in store for you!

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21 November 2013 By Josh Dils in Challenges, Lifestyle Challenges

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