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Is healthy eating: “Everything in moderation?”

Is healthy eating quantifiable? I hear all too often “I eat everything in moderation”.  Ok, well what is moderation?  How is it defined?  Moderation is the “the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one’s behavior or political opinions”.  Ok, that is great and all, but it still does not give us anything concrete and […]

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Is healthy eating a luxury?

This is sort of a hot button topic and one that I hope sparks some conversation. I hear all too often that healthy food is just too expensive and time consuming.  I understand that it is very hard to get ahead these days; Josh and I struggle as well.  For most of us it takes […]

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First 50 Mile Ultra Trail Race Training

After last year’s North Face Marathon SF win, I wanted to dedicate a year to learning more about endurance events and see what it was really about.  After last year’s marathon, I swore that I would never put my body through that ever again.  Once I took a couple months off, I forgot about all […]

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