Should You Bring Your Breakfast?

Breakfast has been a slow progression for me.  I used to belong to the camp that was anti-breakfast.  I also used to smoke and drink energy drinks.  Let’s say that change can be a good thing from time to time.  This is one of those “good changes.”  I slowly started adding a piece of fruit in the morning.  Then I would bring an energy bar if I was planning an early exercise.  I progressed to eating a bowl of cereal on days off where I had the extra time to relax and let the food digest before I started getting active.  You get the picture.

Change doesn’t happen overnight.  Now I absolutely cannot function without breakfast!  It is my largest meal of the day.  My digestion has adjusted and I couldn’t think of starting my day without it.  Even on early shows with a 3 hour time zone change eastbound doesn’t change my morning ritual.

With this progression, I have had the chance to try every option under the sun and have found a pretty good formula of what works on the road.  The “Magic Muesli” recipe I have grown to depend on is a great mix of whole grains and plant-based healthy fats/omega 3 EFAs, with a delicious balance of naturally sweetening fruit to round out the satisfaction!  Check the recipe here.

What follows is a video explaining the basics of what the ingredients are and why we use them, and how it all comes together.  I prefer this over boxed cereal and other options for its great list of ingredients, taste, and durability.  It takes up a very small amount of space and is very versatile.  This contains no artificial ingredients, additives, or sugars.

If you are familiar with oatmeal, then you are sure to love this recipe!

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