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Get Results From Your Workouts Following These 2 Rules!
Changing your daily workout routine is a necessity if you want to continue seeing results and avoid a plateau in[...]
Aerocoast Pro EFB + Cooler
Commutability Aircraft Storage This is what I would consider a larger capacity cooler, in the same category as the Strong[...]
Aerocoast Pro Cooler ll
commutability This is what I would consider a larger capacity cooler, in the same category as the Strong Bags Canadian[...]
Pilot Fitness Gift Guide
Are you still debating about what to get for the Flight Crew Member in your life this Holiday Season?  Well[...]
Get Results
It is a general understanding that it is necessary to change up the daily workout routine if we want to continue[...]
Do you sit for a living?
do you sit for a living? We all know sitting too much and not moving enough deteriorates our health.  Did[...]
The Ultimate Exercise Car Kit
We all know that we need to stay active and eat healthy.  When you are living out of a suitcase[...]
15 Healthy, Quick & Portable Snacks That Should Be In Your Cooler!
One of the biggest obstacles people face these days is time.  On our survey most people indicated not having enough[...]
5 Things You Should Be Doing When Returning Home From Travel
After traveling through airports and hotels for 4 or 5 days, there is nothing better than coming home.  Sleeping in[...]
The North Face 50 Mile, San Francisco, 2013
A 50 mile race, all on trails.  Through rolling hills, no grueling hills; over 10,000 feet of steep, lung searing,[...]
9. Ab Attack Challenge
It is well know that a strong core is the foundation of good posture, a healthy back and good balance.[...]
Is healthy eating: “Everything in moderation?”
Is healthy eating quantifiable? I hear all too often "I eat everything in moderation".  Ok, well what is moderation?  How[...]
Our top 5, Whole Food sources of Plant Based protein
Where do you get your protein?  Is the number one question we get asked.  So, I have compiled a list[...]
3 Steps To A Healthier You By The End Of The Day!
1. MoveRight now.  Really!  Fidget by bouncing your leg, extending your legs and flexing your quads or standing up to[...]
Is healthy eating a luxury?
This is sort of a hot button topic and one that I hope sparks some conversation. I hear all too[...]
Do You Make These Health Mistakes On Your Trips?
1.  Relying On Airport Food/Dinning Out For Every Meal  By nixing the food cooler on your trips healthy food choices[...]
First 50 Mile Ultra Trail Race Training
After last year's North Face Marathon SF win, I wanted to dedicate a year to learning more about endurance events[...]
4 ways to “wake up” without caffein!
        1. Light ExerciseStart the day with some light exercise, even if it is just for a few minutes.Performing light strength[...]
Super Bowl Sunday
Super Bowl Sunday is an event many look forward to, not only in anticipation for the game, but also because[...]