Bike Local, Buy Local

Incorporating healthy food options into your daily routine can be challenging as well as just getting your body moving.  For flight crews, our jobs train us to be completely sedentary.  After being away from home for days on end, we yearn for that time spent with family and friends, but are split with trying to cram all of our errands that have now piled up into just a couple days off.  So how do we balance it all?

Sometimes we need to just slow down and keep it simple!

This is our challenge for you!  Dust off that bicycle and take a cruise with your family or friends to your local farmers market!


Our goal at Pilot Fitness is to help you build healthy habits that benefit you and the world around you.  By incorporating activities with a multi faceted approach, we can help you grow into a healthier you, organically!  So this challenge is the perfect example of how easy this can be by making more efficient use of your time.

Taking a ride to your local farmers market with your family or friends, you are creating space to spend the time with those that matter most to you, while getting your body moving at the same time.  Riding a bike is a low impact activity and easy on the body, so anyone can do it!  Even if you had a tough day of exercising the day before, this is a perfect way to build in some active recovery and follow your easy ride up with some foam roll stretches or a quick yoga session to loosen up the body.

Our culture now revolves around technology, which is a blessing and a curse.  These devices are great at keeping us connected when we are away from home, but can be a road block to communication and connection when we return.  Peddling to the the farmers market gets us grounded again in putting away our devices, re-centering ourselves, getting some fresh air and catching up with our peeps, naturally!

It is also a great opportunity to meet the faces who work hard to bring you wholesome, sustainable, nourishing food.  Through buying local, you are giving more of the profits right back to the folks that need them most.  The farmers at your local market are not subsidized by the government to grow GMO corn for cattle feed, they are growing labor intensive products like organic kale, collards, broccoli, peppers and more to supercharge your body while being stewards to the environment; all without the aid of big brother.  Our organic farmers are sacrificing a lot to do what they love, because it is a cause they believe in that benefits us all.

Peddling your way to the farmers market is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint.  Funny coming from someone who flies for an airline, right?  Even though we spend our days at work flying around gas guzzlers, we believe every bit counts.  By purchasing produce that is in season and grown locally, we are supporting our own local economy (jobs) and reducing the carbon emissions of transporting food from continents thousands of miles away.

Worried about the extra time?  You would be surprised on how little difference it makes by riding your bike versus driving your car.  For running most of our errands on our bikes, a 10 minute drive turns into a 20 minute bike ride, at the most.  A whopping 20 minutes difference round trip.  While we might not have that extra time fit into our daily schedules, try starting just one day a week.  We all have to start somewhere!


So take a breather and take a relaxing cruz, hang with some friends, munch on some organic veggies, buy local and work towards sustainability without even trying!


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