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Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is an event many look forward to, not only in anticipation for the game, but also because of the many traditions that go along with it; Namely the food, friends and commercials.  So, no matter where you happen to be catching the big game from this year, one thing is for sure….Healthy […]

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Vega Product Review

      Vega is a collective line of sports and wellness products that provide clean, plant based nutrition to help you perform at your best, recover faster, and excel in your endeavors!  The Vega list of products range from pre-workout energizers and electrolyte mixes, to energy bars, smoothie mixes, protein recovery supplements, energy gels, […]

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Our mission is to help people live better, healthier lives.  There are many products on the market that tell you how to work out, eat better and live healthy lifestyles but a lot of the information is conflicting and no one tells you how to live it on the road; until now!  Our goal is […]

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Three reason’s weight loss efforts fail!

When it comes to weight loss or the goal of improving one’s health, good intentions are generally at the forefront.  However, it is in our biological nature to seek out pleasure and avoid pain.  This makes sense and works for us in a lot of instances.  Unfortunately, we are even more hardwired for immediate gratification.  It […]

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The Diet Health Connection

The roll diet plays in one’s health is an oddly overlooked connection.  Food is one of  the major essentials to sustain life, aside from water and air. FOOD; it provides us with nutrients so our body can carry out necessary bodily functions. Without food, our body would not be able to complete its many daily […]

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