What Makes Us Unique

Founded by Flight Crew and Fitness Professionals with over 20 years combined experience.  We are redefining healthy travel!   

We have developed e-courses that address how to overcome hurdles specific to the airline pilot with ever changing, hectic schedules to promote optimal health.

We have developed e-courses that address how to overcome hurdles specific to the airline pilot with ever-changing, hectic schedules to promote optimal health.  

We have recipes in our IOS app, Fit Flyer, that provide maximum nutrients and travel well. 

Our Focus Is To Provide You The Necessary Tools To Improve Your Health And Quality Of Life During Your Travels, And Maintain Your Medical To Ensure A Stable, Successful Career. 

Become the ultimate fit flyer by ensuring you stay #FitToFly.  Take control of your health today and manage your schedule with the help of our e-courses here and our free Fit Flyer App!

What Our Customers Say...

kent P.  //  Pilot

Using the tools and ideas put forth in the ecourse have assisted me in losing the 50 or so pounds I had packed on in the 30 years since college...

Meeting and flying with Josh was impactful in my life.  Josh shared with me in a pretty straight forward way some ideas to help change my relationship with food.  I had slowly put on weight over the years and had gotten to the point where my weight was becoming a problem.  I knew the “right” way to eat but found myself lacking the structure and focus to make the decision to commitment to eat and exercise to maintain healthier lifestyle.

Josh and his partner/wife have put together a simple to follow program to modify my bad habits.  Using the tools and ideas put forth in the program have assisted me in losing the 50 or so pounds I had packed on in the 30 years since college.  It feels amazing to have shed the weight and feel stronger and more limber than I have in many years.  

The program benefit for me was the focus on my time and choices.  The program supported a structured approach to trip planning and removed my biggest obstacle of having to learn something new that was no longer familiar.  By taking me through the process and teaching me a new way to balance my work schedule with my health focus it was a smoother transition.  

JOESPH PARK  //  Pilot

“Fitflyers ecourse, gave me the skills, knowledge and an achievable path to make healthy choices I needed to change my life.”...

“I have tried many other programs, only to be back to the bad choices and lack of
motivation with in a few months. With Fitflyers ecourse, it gave me the skills,
knowledge and an achievable path to make healthy choices I needed to change
my life.”

Even at the top of my athletic peak while in college, I was never going to be on
the cover of a magazine and that was very frustrating, as my outlook of health
was wrong. After school and into the real world I was lost when it came to actual
lifelong health. As the years went on, and the stress of being a traveling
professional added up. Fitflyers ecourse was the wake-up call and the path I
needed to become healthy. The ecourse and other material has allowed me to
live a life that I love and will keep me alive to live it...From a hotel, airplane or at home, I now have the skills needed to stay healthy and happy”

Our Journey

Pilot Fitness is operated by a husband and wife duo, Joshua and Lauren Dils.  Josh is an Airbus 320 First Officer and Sim Instructor for a legacy airline based on the West Coast, and Lauren is an NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist with a B.S. in Health and Exercise Science.  They have both completed certificates in plant-based nutrition through the T. Collin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in association with Cornell University.  Josh and Lauren are combining their expertise in health, nutrition and exercise to show you how to live a better life on the road.

After a period of research and using themselves as “test subjects,” they developed a system that delivers results.  To track the effectiveness of this program, they had initial blood work done, and after six months of lifestyle changes, not only did they feel better, but their follow-up blood work also showed positive results. Additionally, they were able to determine which foods provided maximum nutrients and traveled without spoilage. They also discovered which exercise/fitness regimens met ever-changing, hectic schedules and promoted optimal health.

What Josh and Lauren learned as they researched how to prepare foods for the transition to a healthier way of living can help you.  They have already done the hard work of wading through the technical jargon found on nutrition labels so that you can easily determine healthy food choices.

 This is how Pilot Fitness was born!  Josh had flown with countless crews who were always looking for ways to improve their fitness and diet but didn’t know where to start.  As these crews began to notice the appetizing foods Josh had prepared at home and an obvious improvement in his overall health and fitness, they became interested in adopting some of the same lifestyle habits. 

Josh and Lauren have this to say about their Pilot Fitness program: “Between the information on our website, and the courses we offer, our focus is to share with you all the nutritional tricks and tips we have picked up over the years which have been tested and proven effective.”



Meet The Founders

Josh is an Airbus 320 First Officer and Sim Instructor for a legacy airline based on the West Coast. After years of active sports involvement with a focus on competitive snowboarding, numerous injuries forced him to scale back the intensity of his physical activities. Furthermore, he was not eating properly, and had gained weight.

It was after he was hired by a regional airline that Josh refocused on getting healthy again.  After moving to the Bay Area, he got back into outdoor sports activities, and introduced more fruits and vegetables into his diet, resulting in a weight loss of 30 pounds.

About this time Josh met Lauren and began running with her.  They decided to change their diet by cutting out all processed foods and focused solely on Whole Plant Foods. After just one month of this healthier eating plan, Josh as well as Lauren noticed major improvements in energy and wellness.

Competing in ultra running as well as Iron Man Triathlons as an airline pilot allowed Josh to experience the full capacity of what he was capable of and drove home the importance of lifestyle when tackling any goal.

Gold Medalist:  North Face Endurance Championships SF; Marathon; 2012
Finisher:  North Face Endurance Championships SF; 50 Mile; 2013
Finisher;  IronMan Whistler, Canada; 2014
IronMan All World Athlete; 2015

He is always focusing on rock climbing and surfing on off days, and learning the intricacies of growing organic food!

Lauren is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist in Marin County California.  She has a Bachelors of Science in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Health Promotions.  She has been active in competitive team and individual sports since 3rd grade.  Over the years she has scaled back on competing and focused her efforts on outdoor sports, while maintaining her strength and balance by cross training in the gym.

Moving to the Bay Area ignited her passion for surfing while she continues to take advantage of all the outdoor activities the area has to offer.  It was in the pursuit of training for and competing in Ultra Events with Josh that she began running into health complications due to an un-diagnosed autoimmune condition.

Having a diagnosis felt like a blessing and curse.  She finally got answers as to what was wrong, but with no cure for auto-immune diseases, what to do? Walking through the progression of lifestyle changes Lauren and Josh put in place gave her, her life back.

After years of implementing a truly healthy, inflammation reducing lifestyle Lauren has become keenly in tune with her body.  She notices an immediate response to the foods she eats and has become an expert at stress management - from the foods she eats, to her exercise schedule to her sleep and mental health - keeping her condition in remission.  She went from hardly being able to function and make it through the day to thriving.  She can confidently and honestly say she has never felt better, even before her auto-immune disease emerged!

Director Of Marketing

Nathan is an Organizational Psychologist and a Pilot for a global cargo carrier. Nathan grew up in Ohio and went to college in Florida. He ultimately pursued a Masters degree in organizational and industrial psychology in the U.K.  He then spent two years in Germany and China for Aviation Marketing before moving back to the US to pursue his pilot career. He is typed on the Boeing 757/767 and 777. Nathan joined the Pilot Fitness Team in 2017 as a Marketing Director. Nathan is also an avid hiker and traveler. He has traveled to 46 countries and hiked in 25. He travels with his hiking gear so not to miss out on a good opportunity.  One of the primary reasons Nathan was so eager to work with the Pilot Fitness team was due to Lauren and Josh's enduring and selfless dedication to trying to improve the quality of life and health of flight crews throughout the industry. Nathan is now working to develop a mental health program for Pilot Fitness. 

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