7. Pilot Fitness Strava Club Challenge

Congrats!  You are already on week 7 of the Pilot Fitness Challenges!

The challenge for this week is to join the Pilot Fitness Strava Club and post a workout from one of your overnights.  The purpose is to start a database of workouts that are geared around the flight crew hotels.  Not only will you be helping yourself, you will be helping everyone else in the network!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know where the nearest trail run, hike, river walk, pool swim, yoga studio, spin class or 24 hour fitness is on your overnights?  By simply uploading your workouts to strava it will populate the areas around the hotels for overnights so you can see what other flight crew members are doing or where they are going to stay fit.  This will provide you with new ways to challenge yourself, get creative and keep things fun on your overnights.  This is a great way to get out of the hotel and mix it up for big results both mentally and physically!

Now, this is not a competition.  It is a way to inspire you to do new thing and get out of the hotel (or simply state that you did a workout in the hotel gym, possibly inspiring others to give the gym a try too).  You can even log your walk to the nearest store or downtown.  This is a great opportunity to socialize with other active crew members and give each other encouragement.  This can be a great accountability tool for yourself as well as a great way to track your workouts by allowing you to look back at the past week, month or year to see when you did what.  Consistency is key to any lasting fitness goals!  We look forward to seeing you on Strava and growing the Pilot Fitness Club!

Strava is an app on your phone and is also compatible with Garmin, Timex and many various GPS/Heart Rate devices.  This makes for easy and automatic uploads.  We will be on Strava posting our workouts as well, so join the club and lets get some new overnight inspiration posted!

Sign up for an account at Strava and join the Pilot Fitness Club here!

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