4. Bring snacks to work

This week our focus is bringing healthy snacks to work to fill the void between meals.  Snacks can make or break your healthy eating habits and are a very good thing to have with you between meals.  Choosing the right snacks can help keep your blood sugar levels even, energy levels up, calm cravings between meals, improve nutritional intake and reduce overall calories eaten throughout the day.

We always suggest brining snacks with you so you are not caught at the airport (or work) with poor items to choose from and would like to help you get in the habit of making your own food.  However, we will give you options for both.

Make Your Own –

Check out our Snacks page for a variety of  bars to make including:

– Oat bars.  Choose from our many variety of oat bars to satisfy your hunger pangs while getting in whole grains, fiber, protein and a variety of nutrients: chocolate, orange spice hazelnut, pumpkin and super green ginger









Or choose from one of our many other varieties of healthy and filling baked snacks!

Quinoa flake bake

Cashew lemon cake squares

Coconut banana bliss bread

Apple, ginger, carrot cake cookies











For those of you with a sweet tooth:

Black bean Brownies

Nut butter stuffed dates









Of course, we also highly encourage Whole Foods options such as:

Sliced veggies: carrots, celery and jicama all hold up great.  You can even take it back to your elementary school days and do ants on a log 🙂

Fruit: oranges and apples do quite well and can hold up to the beating of a 4 day trip.  Berries in a glass storage container are good options as well as pre-cut mango (these genially do not hold up as long so should be eaten first)

– Mix your own Trail Mix of raw nuts and dried fruit free of preservatives (just the fruit):

– Walnuts, cashews, brazil nuts, almonds and raisins is a staple of ours

Other foods we often include are: pecans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cacao nibs, mulberries, goji berries, dried mango (without preservatives).


























On the Road Options:

Snack foods you can pick up at the store and even sometimes in the airport are:

– Whole food energy bars:  Larabar, Two Mom’s in The Raw (often at Starbucks), Skout bars (often in Airports), Raw Revolution (Whole foods), Go Raw (whole foods – I particularly like the pumpkin), Vega (Sport, Snack, Energize and All-in-One), Kit’s organic, Kind bars (those without chocolate or yogurt)

For a full list of bars and our thoughts/reviews click here!





– Sprouted seeds

Go Raw snack cookies (whole foods or health foods stores)

– Whole grain tortillas (we particularly like Ezekiel) with Almond butter


Other Airport or “On The Go”options include:

– Oatmeal or fruit cup from Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee

– Edamame (from any sushi restaurant)

–  Cut veggie sticks

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