3 Steps To A Healthier You By The End Of The Day!

1. Move

Right now.  Really!  Fidget by bouncing your leg, extending your legs and flexing your quads or standing up to read this if you are on a tablet or phone. 

Even a small amount of movement from things such as fidgeting, walking/pacing while you are on the phone and taking the stairs has been shown to aid in weight loss and even decrease cholesterol and blood pressure by increasing blood flow and total calorie burn throughout the day.  

This is known as Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT).  

 Even if you exercise for an hour or more each day, sneaking in movement throughout the day is paramount to your health.  On layovers, or long sits in the airport (or office), walk around instead of (or before) sitting to update your phone or do anything else that requires you to be stationary.  If you must sit, try to limit it to 45 minutes at a time.  Then get up and move around by walking the terminals (invite a few crew members to keep you company if you like) do a few squats (there are generally empty seating areas here and there as well) and/or engage your muscles as you sit by pulling your belly button in toward your spine to engage your deep core muscles, do butt squeezes or anything else you like. 

2. Go "Au Naturel" & Incorporate Plant Foods At Every Meal

Most of us get more than enough calories from the foods we eat yet, many of us are also nutrient deficient. How can that be? We are over fed, yet under nourished.  

Unprocessed foods provide more nutrients and are more biologically available as fuel for the body and less likely to be stored as fat.  They improve your health and give you energy immediately.  

Instead of reaching for that candy bar, energy bar or any other refined airport food, consider grabbing a few pieces of fruit, unsalted nuts/seeds, or prepare ahead and bring food with you by using the Fit Flyer App to help you meal plan fast.  Download the app now to get started! 

When dinning out try to incorporate a variety of vegetables a legume or grain or both and as many spices and herbs as possible for taste and nutrition.   

If you are just starting down the path of healthy eating, grab a salad (minus the ranch or other creamy/oil laden dressing and substitute with salsa, balsamic or lemon with salt and pepper) and eat it before your typical meal.  Ask for extra veggies on your sandwich or wrap and swap mayonnaise for mustard, guacamole or hummus.  

Make a game out of it at every meal to see how you can increase the nutritional content and get as many non processed, whole plant foods in as possible!

3. Take A Deep Breath

Being Mindful throughout the day and while eating can decrease stress levels, improve mood, reduce overeating and anxiety just to name a few.  

Set a special alarm on your phone to chime twice a day as a reminder to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths or to focus on and be completely present in the current task at hand.  

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