3. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Hydration seems like a simple thing to stay on top of yet most of us have a hard time staying properly hydrated.  Did you know that by the time you are thirsty you are already dehydrated?  This becomes even more important and hard to stay on top of when you live in a dry or hot climate or, as most of you know, travel for a living.

60% of our body weigh is made up of water and hydration is major player on the cellular level for normal bodily functions.  Even slight dehydration can make you lethargic and tired; not something you can risk while in the flight deck.  Whole plant based foods help keep you hydrated as they generally contain quite a large amount of water.  However, if you are not brining your food with you (check out our how to pack video) you will most likely be relying on more processed foods that are absent of moisture.  All the more reason to keep tabs on your fluid intake throughout the day and drink more water than normal (especially if you are training for an event or workout regularly).  Staying properly hydrated allows red blood cells to deliver oxygen and nutrients more efficiently while taking out the garbage (removing waste products) while keeping hormone levels in check!  So bottoms up on that klean Kanteen!

Your #1 goal this week is to keep up the good habits from the previous 2 weeks and bring a water bottle with you on EVERY trip or better yet, every time you leave the house!


1. Get a water bottle you like so you will be more motivated to take it with you everywhere:

Did you know that it takes 4 quarts of water to produce the plastic bottle to hold and transport just one quart of water?  That is an easily avoidable waste of a precious resource.  Also, plastic breaks down under UV light which means most of us are unnecessarily consuming plastic particulates with our bottled water.  Refill your reusable water bottle throughout the day on lay overs in airports and at the local gyms at the hotel overnights.

2.  Use the refill stations located through the San Francisco airport or any water fountain at any airport.  On overnights most hotel gyms have filtered water fountains.

3. If you have a hard time drinking plain water and want something with a little flavor; skip the soda with loads of sugar and the diet drinks with artificial sweeteners and add some flavor and electrolytes with a Vega electrolyte pack (I like the Lemon Lime).  Other ideas you can sip on that add nutrition are:

Teas (focus on whole leaf teas without added sugars or artificial sweeteners): Green tea & Herbal tea are great picks.

Coconut water (this does contain calories): coconut water with chia seeds and lime

Green micro juices

A squeeze of lemon or lime

*Image by naypong

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