18. Week 18 Challenge

This week we are focusing on lower body strength and challenge you to do lunges every day!  Lunges are one of the best lower body exercises you can do.  You will primarily be using your glutes (bum), hamstrings, quads (thighs) as well as the calves, core and lower back to stabilize.

So we challenge you to start with 50 lunges total (25 per side) and add 10 lunges per day!  If you start today (Tuesday) you will end at 100 lunges on Sunday (50 per leg).  If you are just starting out you can cut this in half or if you are advanced you can double this.



How to do a reverse lunge.

1. Stand up straight with your core tight (belly button pulled toward your spine), knees soft, chest up and shoulders pulled away from your ears.  With your feet hip width distance apart.

2. Step back with your right foot about 2-3 feet (step back bigger if you are taller) and place your right toe on the ground with just the heel up.

3. Bend both knees to about a 90 degree angle (If you are new to exercise or cannot go down to a 90 degree angle, that is ok), making sure to keep you knee behind your toes on the front leg.  Keep your torso up right or hinge slightly at the hips, keeping your chest up without rounding in the back.

4. Drive through the heel on the left leg (forward leg), squeezing your butt to stand.

Repeat on this leg and then switch to the other leg.  You can also alternate legs if you prefer.
































To make this easier:

Hold a sturdy object such as a pole, wall, table or chair to help you balance and give you support.

To make this more difficult:

Increase the speed at which you do the lunges to get your heart rate up, hold weight such as weights or if you are on a trip your suitcase or food cooler, or do jump lunges.

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