12. Pilot Fitness week 12 challenge!

The Pilot Fitness week 12 challenge will be to take advantage of what is left of summer on your overnights.  Before the seasons change and weather deteriorates forcing you inside we challenge you to use your creativity and venture outside the hotel on your overnights!   Look for activities that you enjoy and creative ways to exercise and get your body moving!  This can be anything from going on a river walk, to seeking out a nearby trail run, to renting a bicycle and going with the crew for a spin or even asking the hotel shuttle to provide transportation to a nearby gym (or learn the local municipal bus system)!



  •  Use online resources such as Google or Strava to find the locals favorite active hotspots.
  • The U.S. masters swimming website.  It provides directories for lap swimming locations.
  • YMCA’s are nation wide with great daily rates.  They provide everything from swimming to basketball courts to weight rooms and exercise classes!  Other gym chains that can found in a variety of locations are 24hr fitness and LA Fitness.
  •  Even search for a local yoga or spin studio at your overnight location!
  • Use our CONTACT page to send us activity ideas at your favorite overnights to help us build our database to inspire other crew members!


Image provided by: Sura Nualpradid

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