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From members of flight crews to business professionals . . .
  • Is your life hectic?
  • Does your schedule require you to be on the go and away from home

You have come to the right place; We specialize in guiding you to better health!


  • Do you find it difficult to squeeze in workouts?
  • Do you get frustrated with time zone changes?
  • Are you training for an event or competition and struggling to keep on track?

Whatever your fitness program involves, our exercise routines will provide the balance you’re looking for when away from home.


  • Our Whole Foods recipes are designed with your optimal health in mind.
  • Our travel meals are designed to last over a 4 day trip!
  • Stay fit with our exercise videos and stretching routines to maintain your flexibility.


  • This website is for everyone and anyone interested in improving their health.
  • It is never too late to start incorporating more healing, vibrant foods into your diet.
  • Health is never static, so let’s start improving it now!

Maintain Your Medical & Safeguard Your Career.

Follow our whole foods approach to increase your energy, train harder, recover faster, sleep better, achieve your optimal weight, and reduce your risk of chronic disease!

Do you live out of a suitcase?

  • Do you suffer from crossing time zones, different start and end times each day, international and domestic travel, huge delays and inconsistent hotel accommodations?
  • Have you gained weight since you first started your airline career?
  • Are you facing negative health consequences from long duty days and too much sitting?
  • Is your energy lagging and are workouts a thing of the past?
  • Do you struggle with bringing healthy meals on the road that will last the entire trip; even if you do not have a refrigerator?

We understand these are just a few of the problems flight crews face, after all: This program was created by Pilots and Health Experts for Flight Crews!

Our step by step program is proven effective and designed to help you reach optimal health, safeguard your career, relive stress and allow you to live the life you desire!

If it works for a flight crews hectic schedule it is sure to work for anyones hectic schedule!

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