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Follow our systematic approach to increase your energy, train harder, recover faster, sleep better, achieve your optimal weight, and reduce your risk of chronic disease!

Eat Better dlkfdflkdf

Learn the most efficient way to pack healthy, whole foods with you for trips that last up to 4 days or more.  Increase your fruit and vegetable consumption on the road.  Gone are the days of spoiled food after day one!

Manage Your Erratic Schedule

Master simple, yet ingenious, pre-planning hacks that free up your time at home and on the road.  Spend more time with your family and enjoy your days at home doing the things you love.  

Reduce Pain dkjfdkfjd

Discover flexibility designed specifically for the flight crew member, correct common muscle imbalances and learn seated exercises that can be done while commuting to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation.

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After years of providing the leading information and learning platform about how to safeguard your medical and improve your health on the road we are proud to share our Free Mini E-Course on how to Pack For Success. 

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Is time away from home causing you stress?

Is your commute giving you anxiety?            

Are your personal relationships suffering? 

Do you feel socially disconnected?

These are just a few common obstacles crew members face during a professional aviation career.  Scheduling complications provide an unpredictable environment that can cause turmoil in your personal and social life; You have the right to seek help.  


Proven effective by flight crews, to work for any traveling pro.

We have developed 4 e-courses with

structured and interactive lessons that are tailored specifically to address the hurdles traveling professionals, especially flight crew members face daily. 


Our calculated and precise approach will produce an individualized outcome, tailored specifically to your goals


Professional flight crews face numerous barriers to living a healthy lifestyle.  Our App, Fit Flyer is designed to mitigate the health risks, improve your quality of life, improve your job security, and ensure a long, successful career into retirement!

Create custom meal plans from our bank of delicious recipes and never forget ingredients with our automatic shopping list generated from your chosen meals.  Each recipe is designed to meet the unique needs of the traveling professional - specifically maintaining freshness and improving your health.


Membership access to over 5,000 premier health clubs, gyms, and studios when you're away from home!

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Maintain Your Medical And Safeguard Your Career

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Follow our systematic approach to increase your energy, train harder, recover faster, sleep better, achieve your optimal weight, and reduce your risk of chronic disease!

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